You are getting married. Congratulations!

Prior to 2018, marriage automatically meant that both partners’ possessions became ‘general community property’. This means that if you married in 2017 or earlier, all assets and debts are jointly owned. This includes any assets and debts you may have had prior to the marriage. The passing of a new law in 2018 changing this does not alter your situation.

We would be pleased to assist you with the official handling of agreements relating to the division of income, household expenses, and ownership of your shared residence in Hoofddorp or surrounding area.

Those who marry or enter into a civil partnership on or after January 2018 are still able to do so in general community of property if they wish. This can be arranged in a prenuptial or civil partnership agreement.

The main differences to the ‘general community property’ legislation (prior to 1 January 2018) are as follows:

Personal possessions

All personal assets and debts accrued prior to the marriage or partnership remain yours alone. Assets and debts accrued after marriage belong to both of you.

Gifts or inheritance

Any gifts or inheritance received prior to or during the marriage or partnership are your individual property, unless the grantor has stipulated otherwise or has specified other conditions in a ‘last will and testament.’ .

Business owner

Do you own a business? If so, your company will belong to both of you upon marriage. It is therefore essential that you consider signing a prenuptial agreement in order to maintain a distinction between your business affairs and personal affairs.

In prenuptial and partnership agreements, you can make your own decisions about which assets and debts will be shared and which remain individual property. In so doing, any property or possessions acquired by you during the marriage or partnership remain yours, even if the relationship ends (for example, personal savings or a valuable collection).

These agreements can also be used to ensure that your business remains entirely your own property. This also protects your partner from any creditors your business may have. It is best to set down these conditions prior to entering into a marriage or civil partnership, as there is no joint property at this stage. . .

Getting married in Hoofddorp

Getting married is one of life’s most beautiful moments, but it is important to have everything organised properly by a notary in Hoofddorp. We can help you to arrange everything related to your marriage or registered partnership, including prenuptial and civil partnership agreements!

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