DescriptionFee Fee*
Drawing up a ‘Baarns Beslag’ letter (attachment before mortgage registration) € 151,25
Failure to deliver the required documents within five working days € 121,00
Postponement of ‘passeerafspraak’ (execution deadline) € 181,50
Amending the completion statement (per amendment) € 30,25
Repayment of credit (per credit) € 95,00
Drawing up a non-notarised power of attorney € 114,95
Drawing up a statement of consent € 114,95
Urgent and non-urgent transfer costs (per transfer) € 12,10
Drawing up a sales contract € 598,95
Dissolving a sales contract (if drawn up by our office) € 181,50
Dissolving a sales contract (if drawn up by an estate agent/third party) 235,95
Registering a purchase deed with the Land Registry € 181,50
Requesting titles/copies of deeds from the Land Registry (per title/copy) *excluding Land Registry fees € 30,25
Surcharge for a ground lease or building rights € 211,75
Surcharge for membership rights € 211,75
Surcharge for apartment rights 114,95
Contacting mortgage bank (per contact) € 18,15
Other collateral or bridging in mortgage deeds € 272,25
Mortgage holder consent for second/third/bridge loan € 272,25
Change in priority (ranking) € 151,25
Notarised power of attorney € 344,85
Settlement of business expenses
(subject to timely submission of assessments)
Requesting Chamber of Commerce extract (per extract) € 26,62
Drawing up a deed of acknowledgement of debt € 90,75
Drawing up a deed of cancellation € 223,85
Arranging an interpreter/translator
(to be determined by the notary)
€ 151,25
Authentication of signature € 139,15
Issue of additional statement € 54,45
Inspection of bankruptcy register, guardianship register, GBA, VIS € 66,55
Reminder bank guarantee/security deposit € 114,95
Dismissal of joint and several liability (not by bank) € 344,85
Ambiguities in documents provided uurtarief
Inheritance/other research uurtarief
Checking a self-made purchase contract
(including advice by letter/email)
Notice of default uurtarief
Fee for the file start-up costs in the event of cancellation
(excluding costs incurred)
€ 181,50
Records retention fee € 54,45
Fund management: administration fee (per 01-07-2020) € 33,28
Surcharge for partial deed of cancellation (unreported bridge loan) € 272,50

* The above amounts are to include Dutch VAT and exclude Land Registry fees

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