An auction is a public sale

The law specifies several different types of auctions, with public foreclosure (enforced) auctions and public voluntary auctions being the most well known. An auction is a way for creditors to sell foreclosed property via a public sale and recover the debt. It is often banks that proceed to enforced auctions in the event that the debtor is unable to fulfil their financial obligations. . Foreclosure auctions are still common and our notary Pieter de Boer is an expert in this field.

Auctions can be extremely complex, but for us they’re an everyday task. We are here to assist you

As we have established contacts with estate agents in the area, we can organise a quick resale. We also have numerous contacts within the legal profession for a rapid and compliant procedural-legal outcome. Many foreign investors (British, Belgian and German banks) regularly use our services. De Boer Advies & Notariaat is able to organise the entire auction process from notification to transfer, even on behalf of overseas banks that have extended mortgages, providing these mortgages are governed by Dutch law.
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