About Pieter de Boer


Pieter de Boer studied Dutch notarial law at VU Amsterdam, graduating in early 1995.

After spending eight years working as a junior civil law notary for various firms, he started his own legal practice in Hoofddorp in 2003. He was sworn in as one of the youngest notaries in the Netherlands at the time.

‘Legal Deeds and Advice Must be Able to Weather Every Storm’

Pieter has an outstanding knowledge of the notarial profession in the broadest sense of the word… and more. Both private individuals and companies consult him for help on problems that seem unsolvable. With his broad knowledge of notarial law, he is able to find solutions for the most difficult issues. By evaluating the problem from unexpected angles, he can get deadlocked negotiations moving again and come up with original and surprising solutions.

As a result of an increasing need for international legal assistance at the pre-litigation stage (before proceeding to court), Pieter has become highly skilled in conducting negotiations according to the Harvard model. In addition to his native Dutch, Pieter speaks fluent German and English and regularly acts as a party-appointed notary in deadlocked negotiations, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He acts in the legal areas of property and corporate law, as well as in matters related to international logistics, including the transport of foodstuffs.

Pieter provides bespoke advice on flexible wills, not only for those just starting out in business but also for experienced entrepreneurs. He also draws up watertight divorce wills.

On more than one occasion, Pieter has been able to spot a discrepancy between the will of the deceased and the final deed of distribution. He is happy to give a second opinion on issues you may have had misgivings about for years. If these doubts turn out to be justified, you will be given sound advice on how to get the correct deed signed.

Occasionally advising Dutch politicians in The Hague on laws and regulations that are virtually unenforceable, Pieter is regarded as a valuable sparring partner for government officials.

Pieter also offers his services as a party-appointed notary in which he is able to assist you with a range of matters including inheritance, corporate law issues and difficult divorce situations. Although civil law notaries are not permitted to conduct litigation, he is able to guide you in the process up until court proceedings begin. He works with a select group of highly skilled lawyers who can take over the next part of the proceedings for you.

Pieter has built up a broad network of professionals whom he consults on a regular basis regarding fiscal, legal and notarial issues. In turn, these professionals have Pieter conduct critical examinations of their own issues.

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